Here at Thea & Grace, we like to think we're doing a bit more than just selling earrings - we're in the business of brightening your day! Let's be honest, our earrings aren't just bits of jewelry; they're like little cheerleaders for your mood. We adore them for their knack of adding a dash of color and a sprinkle of joy, whatever kind of day you're having. Whether you're as relaxed as a cat in the sun or buzzing around like a bee on a mission, or if you're hunting for something playful or more on the timeless side, we've pretty much got it all.

We're hopeful you'll stumble upon a pair here that makes you feel like you've just won the lottery, and fingers crossed, you'll adore them as much as we do. We put a bucketload of love into each pair, ensuring that when you wear them, you're not just confident but also aware of the TLC that went into their creation. And because one size never fits all, we tailor each piece to be as unique as you are – rolled, cut, and detailed by hand.

Spotted something you like but it's sold out? Shoot us a message, and we'll see if we can whip up a pair just for you. Remember, each piece is lovingly made by human hands, not robots, so expect a little uniqueness in each one. Our earrings come with hypoallergenic posts (mostly stainless steel, because who wants an allergic reaction, right?) for your wearing pleasure.

A little PSA: our polymer clay earrings are strong but not superheroes, so try not to bend them. Store them somewhere safe to avoid scratches. And, for the love of earrings, keep them away from water, your bed, and harsh chemicals. Got a little dirt on them? A gentle clean with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab should do the trick.

Thinking of ordering in bulk or need something custom-made? Drop us an email – we're all ears (pun intended). Got questions? We've got answers, so don't hesitate to contact us at TheaGraceCo@gmail.com. Happy shopping, and thanks a bunch for picking Thea & Grace – you've got great taste!